The Baby Group by Caroline Corcoran

Publication Date: 17th September 2020
Genre: Thriller
Pages: 400
My Review: ★★★
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Scarlett’s golden life suddenly unravels when someone sends a shocking video of her to everyone she knows. The only people who claim they haven’t seen it are the friends in her new mothers’ group: Cora, Emma and Asha.

Scarlett is forced to delve into her past to discover who is out to get her. But as her circle of trust gathers around her, she has to ask – are her friends as innocent as they seem?


I read Caroline Corcoran’s first novel, Through The Wall, back in the summer and, when I found out she was writing another book, I literally counted down the weeks until it was released. If you haven’t read either of her books yet, I strongly recommend you do!

The Baby Group follows new mum and blogger, Scarlett, after a private video of a threesome she had with an ex boyfriend and friend from twelve years ago is sent to everyone she knows. Her husband begins acting very cold and distant, forcing Scarlett into a deep depression and causes her to experience panic attacks, as she starts to suspect that he is having an affair. While everyone in her life seems to be judging her, the new mum friends she met at the baby group have no idea what is going on. They weren’t sent the video. Scarlett keeps this from them and continues to meet them almost daily, living her life as she did before the video before. That is until she begins to suspect that one of her friends is not as innocent as she seems.

I really enjoyed this book and am already desperate for Corcoran to release another one! The character of Scarlett was incredibly flawed but this is what made her realistic and loveable. Despite the perfect image she tries to convey, Scarlett struggles with keeping up with the expectations set for her and openly admits to herself when she feels like she is failing. It was really interesting to see all aspects of her life, including her career and relationship with her dad and half-sister, not just how her husband reacted to the release of the video. I found myself rooting for Scarlett all the way, which was surprisingly as a lot of protagonists usually get a little annoying after a while, but she was just such a loveable character.

I feel like this book focused a lot on the effort we make to try and change our lives, wiping out who we used to be to try and be someone else. Scarlett’s struggles with building up the perfect life after she dealt with addiction is very emotional to read. She wants to prove that she is better by snapping photos of her perfect life for her blog, keeping up the image of the world’s best mum, even when dealing with the backlash of the video. She tries to cling onto her blog as a way to escape but, when the secret is brought to her readers’ attention, she is forced to shut it down. I felt quite sad for Scarlett, especially knowing all she had gone through and all she had done to try and restart her life. There seemed like there was no part of her life left untouched by the secrets of her past, and overall I found it to be a very strong read. I rated it three stars, purely because I thought there would be more of a thriller element to it, which there was not in my opinion, but still thought it was a very good read.

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