Innocent by Erin Kinsley | ARC

Thank you to Netgalley and publisher for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Publication Date: 20th August 2020
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 400
My Rating: ★★
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The pretty market town of Sterndale is a close-knit community where everyone thinks they know everyone else. But at a lavish summer wedding a local celebrity is discovered slumped in the gardens, the victim of a violent assault that leads to a murder investigation.

As the police search for answers, suspicion and paranoia build – and the lives of the locals are turned upside down. Secrets that lurk beneath the pristine facade of Sterndale come to light as detectives close in on the truth…


It took me quite a while to get into this book and I found it tough to finish. The reveal of the killer at the end was very obvious from the start and I’m not sure whether that was intentional or not, it just wasn’t written very well.

I absolutely love reading murder mysteries and was drawn to this book soley because of its plot. I had never heard of Erin Kinsley and hadn’t read her previous novel, Found, so the storyline really was the only reason why I read this book.

I was very disappointed in the execution of this story. I found it jumped around a lot from multiple characters and, despite the fact that they all have pretty intense storylines, it was difficult to get a real sense of who they were. It was a little bit confusion as there seemed to be so many main characters and perspectives in the book, in my opinion as so many characters were written in, they all became quite weak and cliché to make up for the fact that we are bounced around so much.

The storyline itself was okay but not very well executed in my opinion. I love murder mysteries but this one jumped around from

The book didn’t really pick up until the end, although I did really enjoy the first few chapters, it just got rather boring. I had to practically force myself to finish reading it. It did hold a lot of promise at the start and I came away feeling a bit let down.

Overall, I gave this book a two star rating. It was rather disappointing as I had pretty high hopes for this book. It would of been interesting for the book to of focused only on Izzy, Laura, and the investigation team. I’ve read a lot of great books that tells the story of a whole family in the perspective of one family member and that could of been done here. Izzy could of had Tristan, his parents, and Flora, and Laura could have had Aidan, Josh, and Gemma, also including any interactions they had with the townspeople. I wouldn’t recommend this book but, who knows, maybe it just wasn’t for me.

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