The Last Thing She Told Me by Linda Green

“Some secrets have the power to tear a family apart…”

Publication Date: 26th July 2018
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 384
My Rating: ★★★
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Even the deepest buried secrets can find their way to the surface…

Moments before she dies, Nicola’s grandmother Betty whispers to her that there are babies at the bottom of the garden.

Nicola’s mother claims she was talking nonsense. However, when Nicola’s daughter finds a bone while playing in Betty’s garden, it’s clear that something sinister has taken place.

But will unearthing painful family secrets end up tearing Nicola’s family apart?


I finished this book quite a while back but realised I didn’t really share my opinion on it. It is quite a difficult read, so if you are easily upset by the mention of miscarriage and sexual assault, it probably won’t be a great read for you. This book was very thought provoking and extremely sad. It follows Nicola’s story uncovering the mystery behind the babies in her recently passed grandmother’s garden, as well as looks at her relationship with the women in the family. There are a fair few time jumps and we get to know Nicola, her mother and her grandmother, and how they all dealt with being pregnant in rather unconventional ways.

The actual writing of this book was a little hard to follow. I thought the sentences were all pretty short and there wasn’t a lot of detail or depth to the characters. Everything was written quite basically and, though I did enjoy the book, I would of liked to of seen the characters come to life more than they did.

As I mentioned before, certain aspects and reoccuring themes in this novel could easily trigger readers, so be warned before you read it. There is mention of sexual assault, miscarriages and abuse. It was a truly strong and powerful book however, especially as Linda Green wrote about these things in a way that left you trying to figure out who was who in the story. There were some chapters that were simply letters, and you had no idea who they were addressed to, and it wasn’t until the very end that you come to figure out exactly what happened.

Overall, I rated this book a three stars. I liked the concept and admired how Linda Green could write about it in such a sensitive manner, it wasn’t over the top and was very respectful of the issues discussed. I would recommend this book for anyone who likes reading about women and their stories as, despite the fact that it is labelled as a mystery, the take away from this is that women do deal with a lot and here is how they overcome it.

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