How To Write A Book Review

While everyone has their own personal tastes when it comes to book reviews, I thought I’d share with you some things you might want to consider when writing your first review. When I began doing book reviews, I often found myself deleting them as I didn’t see my reviews as good or as detailed as others. I tend to stray away from spoilers and focus on the writing style, as well as include a more in depth summary for my readers. That being said, you will develop your own style over time, but here are some things you might want to consider!

Generic information about the book itself

I like to include the publication date, length and ratings of the books I review, as I find these to be factors that people take into consideration before reading a book. If you prefer a more modern read, you will very clearly see on first glance whether the book is for you, likewise with the length of the book, if you have a fear of long books, you’ll instantly decide whether you want to read the book, as perhaps the review isn’t for you.

A brief summary of the plot

I always include the blurb in my reviews as these also help us determine whether or not we want to read them. Before I get onto the main summary of the storyline, I like to include a little snippet to really break the review down. Sometimes people don’t like to read too much of a review, as some contain spoilers, so a little spoiler free summary at the beginning will ensure that your reviews are being read without spoiling the story for your fellow readers.

A link to buy the book

I don’t think I’ve seen many book bloggers doing this but, as amazon is a popular site that delivers worldwide, I decided to include an amazon link where you can buy the book. It’s handy to have this on the same page as the review so, if someone decides they want to buy it, they don’t have to make a note and are directly guided to their amazon page, where they can buy it or save it for later.


Although I don’t include quotes in my reviews, I’ve seen a lot of book reviewers popping some of their favourite quotes in their reviews. This is a nice way for your readers to get to know the writing style of the book, without spoiling anything for them. As well as this, you could include a gripping sentence at the start of your book reviews, just like I do! That way your readers can determine straight away whether or not the book sounds like something they’d like to read.

Break your review into sections

My actual reviews tend to only be three paragraphs and, as I don’t include spoilers, it can be difficult to figure out what you can and can’t write about. I like to seperate my review into sections, including characters, writing style, and storyline. These three things are fairly easy to write about, especially if you are just starting a book blog, and each play an important role in whether or not a book is five stars or 1 star. You can include a few extra sections, another I’ve seen written about a lot is aspects of the book, themes that are reoccuring and important to the story.

8 thoughts on “How To Write A Book Review

  1. This is a great post.
    So good to see someone touting for the details of a book to be included in a review. I find if this information isn’t included in a review, then the review feels more about the reviewer than the book they’re trying to advocate.

    Some other fantastic tips in here too, thank you.

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  2. Nice post. I used to write a lot of book reviews but I stopped for a while. Next time I’m writing another one, I’ll try your tips.
    Especially the one about leaving links to buy the book. I never do that.

    Liked by 1 person

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