The Dinner Party by R.J. Parker

“Eight friends. Eight secrets. One killer.”

Publication Date: 18th October 2019
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Pages: 400
My Rating: ★★★
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A group of old friends gather in a peaceful suburban street for a dinner party. They are expecting a fun evening of wine, food and pleasant company. But then they start to play the game…

It’s about trust and dark secrets – it tests marriage to its limits – and none of them can begin to imagine its consequences. Because the next day, two guests are dead and the others are trapped in a nightmare…


This book follows the story of Ted, who hosts a dinner party with his wife, Juliette, for three other couples who they are friends with. During the night, they decide to play a game in which each person writes their biggest secret down and seals it in an envelope. They pass it to their partner and, without looking, tell each other they forgive them and then burn the envelopes. They party soon ends and, around 3am, Ted and Juliette get called to one of their friend’s houses urgently, only to find their friend dead in the garden. Secrets start to unravel and Ted is left to figure out what happened, who killed his friend, and why strange things start occurring amongst remaining friends.

I found this premise to be really interesting and it took me no time at all to get stuck into the book. I could barely put it down and finished it within six or so hours. It was written simply and didn’t get too complicated, the perfect book to pick up if you want a nice chill Sunday afternoon. The fact that all the couples in this were built up to be suspects in the murder made it so I was left guessing until the last page, something I really appreciated as I finally had that ohhhh moment when the killer was revealed. The book itself did get a little bit messy in places, and I thought there was a lot happening at once, but it was all tied up nicely at the end.

I ended up rating this book three stars. I really enjoyed this book as it gave me exactly what I wanted, a murder mystery after a dinner party between close friends. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an easy read to help pass the day. I would have liked to of seen a few more twists and turns as, while I enjoyed the ones I got, a few of the big ones seemed forced into the story and it didn’t seem to flow as smoothly as I’d of liked.

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