Gone by Leona Deakin

Publication Date: 12 December 2019
Genre: Psychological Thriller, Women Sleuth
Pages: 365
My Rating: ★★★
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Four strangers are missing. Left at their last-known locations are birthday cards that read:

Your gift is the game. Dare to play?

The police aren’t worried – it’s just a game. But the families are frantic. As psychologist and private detective Dr Augusta Bloom delves into the lives of the missing people, she finds something that binds them all.

And that something makes them very dangerous indeed.

As more disappearances are reported and new birthday cards uncovered, Dr Bloom races to unravel the mystery and find the missing people.

But what if the missing people are the ones she should fear?

My Review:

When four strangers are reported missing, psychologist and private detective Dr Augusta Bloom delves into their lives, trying to find something that binds them all. At the scene of their last sightings, each of the victims received a birthday card, inviting them to play a game. With the help of her partner, Marcus Jameson, Dr Bloom discovers a blood-chilling link that connects all four of the missing. As more disappearances are reported, Dr Bloom races against time to unravel the mystery and put a stop to it for good.

Dr Bloom is an incredibly strong and smart character, working close with Marcus Jameson. Marcus has a history working with the Secret Service and manages to cope with everything life throws at him with a rather sharp sense of humor. His sister babysits the daughter of one of the missing women, so he dives into the investigation, determined to reunite the young girl with her mother.

The book is written in the perspective of both Dr Augusta Bloom and Marcus Jameson, very easy to follow and a smooth book to read. It wasn’t confusing, even when the storyline thickened, and I found it simple to read. It was descriptive, with short and snappy sentences added for effect. I really love the writing style Leona adopts and, after reading the little extract of Lost at the end of the book, am glad to see that she carries this over in her other book.

I decided to give this book a three stars as I found it to be a very unique idea and was instantly hooked. I recommend this book for anyone who loves books with a strong female lead and mystery.

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